Monday, June 21, 2010

One Must Be Scientific above All, Scientific

Despite my passionate and desperate devotion to hopefulness (not always optimism...but always hopefulness), I lay awake in bed unable (or is it unwilling) to sleep, for that I must awake tomorrow and have another day, another failing attempt at life (life, simply); that I will lie here tomorrow, mired by the same; fills me with an exhaustion defined not by a much preferable (but routine...!) sleepiness, but by the debility in this cycle, this routine (I write only of life, simply). I lay here chipped away, fragmented and flaky as sleep washes over me, disintegrating but incapable of diluting my mind; here, again here! and tomorrow here, when sleep will again wash over and disintegrate but fail to dilute the flakes the day has chipped out of the morning's precipitate.


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