Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Sur le Fil – Yann Tiersen

I've been feeling pretty crappy these past few days. Shout out to Ms. Leticia ElNaggar for always making me feel better. I need to force myself to be around people. People make me forget everything that is horrible. I just need to grin and bear the happiness by distraction, allow it, forget it, and let myself move on from it.

But playing with legos in Lety's basement – that is the purest happiness.

I feel like I'm being kept in a life against myself. I always complain that I can't ever just be me but am always a presentation of the person I want to be, but is there really a difference? I'm falling out of life again, out of connection; I spilled the few drips of emotion that have condensed over the years, but now I'm emptier than before with nothing to show for it. I don't think I'm even trying anymore. Because trying at life is not living? Well, neither is this.


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